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Can counselling help me?

  • Are you feeling stuck, or perhaps you're fearful of change?

  • Do you feel out of touch with your feelings?

  • Have you experienced the same difficulties over many years?

  • Have you experienced a traumatic life event, such as sexual abuse, illness, an accident or divorce?

  • Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed to speak to family or friends about how you've been feeling?

  • Have you suffered a bereavement?

  • Do you find it difficult to relax and to stop worrying?

  • Do you experience physical symptoms/tension, potentially related to stress?

  • ​Are your emotions having a day-to-day impact on other areas of your life - is getting to work or staying at work difficult?

  • Are you finding there are relationship difficulties developing at work?

  • Do you find it difficult to relate to others at the moment?

  • Are you excessively using drugs, food, sex or alcohol?

Can Counselling Help You?

More detail on these areas:

Issues at work

Bereavement & Loss

Depression & Anxiety

Relationship difficulties


Women's Issues

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