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How Counselling Helps

Counselling offers a safe and confidential space in which to explore your feelings. In fact, talking with a professional Counsellor can feel very different from confiding in family and friends. As counselling is impartial and non-judgemental, it also allows a greater sense of freedom to discuss all aspects of your difficulties. 

In my practice, I strive to be a supportive guide as you make sense of the difficult thoughts and feelings you may have.

By offering you a balance of support and challenge, I will help you find a new way to see yourself and the issue, or issues, you are facing.

What counselling offers: 

  • A safe impartial space to explore troublesome thoughts and feelings

  • An opportunity in which to reflect on your problems and address difficult issues

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself, and why you may tend to repeat unhelpful behaviour

  • A place to grieve, and deal with loss


 Providing a path for growth 

At its best, Counselling can provide you with a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-development. 

•    Self-awareness – A sense of clarity and understanding
•    Learning to live more in the moment
•    Managing your thoughts and feelings
•    Learning to place more value on yourself
•    Making sense of the past to help with the future
•    Gaining more insight into your closest relationships
•    Learning to feel less anxious 
•    Building your resilience
•    Becoming more open to change
•    More open to acceptance of yourself and others


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