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Workplace related Counselling

‘The average person spends almost a quarter of their adult life at work.’ BACP

Work at its best and its worst 

At best, our work can provide us with many things above and beyond an income. It can give a purpose, structure, sense of belonging and even increase self-esteem. If you are part of a large organisation there can be a sense of great pride and commitment to what you do.

However, most of us experience ups and downs at work, just like in our relationships. At worst, a work issue can turn into a major issue, something which might seem difficult to tackle. 

Key signs something is not right

The following factors tell you something at work is not what it should be:

•    Dreading the next day at work?
•    Poor sleep?
•    Anxiety whilst travelling to work?
•    Frustration?
•    Difficulties concentrating and performing a simple task?
•    Are you fearing ‘burn out’?
•    Do you feel bullied or isolated?
•    Banging your head against a perceived glass ceiling? 
•    Women’s work place issues? 


How Counselling for workplace stress can help

Counselling gives you time to describe the issue, and provides a safe place to vent frustrations and to talk through any sense of injustice or powerlessness you’re experiencing.  

Talking about your problems and creating an action plan to resolve them can be greatly empowering.

Once a person has explained the issue without inhibition or fear, they usually feel they can move on. This is done by forming an action plan to cope with and resolve the situation. 

Workplace stress can easily spill into other areas of your life. Counselling can help by minimising any damage at home and by improving the relationships that matter.   

Are you in the Public Sector?

I specialise in seeing public sector employees. I have worked with numerous clients from the NHS, Police and Fire Service as well as government employees.

If you would like to see me for private work regarding stress or anxiety caused by work issues, please contact me for an informal chat.

Are you in Education? 

I have a special interest in the education sector, and I've worked with all types of people in schools and colleges, from Heads and teachers to administration and support staff.

After several years’ experience I have developed a very good understanding of the many issues that staff face. At times, the atmosphere in a school/college/university can be stressful and very demanding. If you want an informal chat on how I can help, please contact me

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